Cartoon Classics: Limited Gold Edition

.....Following the success of the original volumes in the Cartoon Classics series (and heading into what would prove to be an extremely turbulent 1984 for The Walt Disney Company), the powers that be at Disney Home Video decided to introduce a video series highlighting their best characters and theatrical series, with an emphasis on some of the more significant shorts that hadn't yet been released on the regular Cartoon Classics videos. This initial wave, which was (quite curiously, in fact) missing a volume dedicated to Goofy, managed to feature two of Mickey's 1928 shorts, a number of Figaro's extremely rare post-Pinocchio apprearances, Jimmy MacDonald's second official appearance as the voice of Mickey ("Mickey's Delayed Date"), to say nothing of one Oscar winner ("Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom") and a number of nominees and should-have-beens. Lastly, the series featured a special introduction with a (somewhat inaccurate) history of the Disney Studios and Mickey Mouse, and a tribute to Disney's animated legacy, which featured clips, character cels, and music from a number of shorts, from just about every Disney feature that included animation (which is included here until the bandwidth required to host it bites me squarely in the ass).
.....©1984 Walt Disney Productions. Available on Beta and VHS.


Limited Gold Edition Intro (Warning: HUGE file! Requires StuffIt Expander or equivalent to open; *.avi format/*.zip archive): lgeintro






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