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"OK, Smokey, roll 'em."

.....With the rise of home video as a consumer product, most of the major studios quickly realized the value of their back libraries on the new medium. One of the best represented genres (and, in fact, one of the driving forces in the success of home video) was the cartoon. Virtually every animation studio (TV and otherwise) saw their output represented with releases on the three major formats-Beta, VHS, and Laserdisc. Even after Beta and Laserdisc fell by the wayside and DVD emerged, the releases of cartoons to home video were either a reflection of a TV series success (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, Dragonball Z, and countless other cartoons of the past 20+ years) or a major event (as would become the case for virtually every Disney feature film released to video). So, it's fitting for this site to cover at least some of the official releases used for the reviews you see here. While not intended by any means as a full representation of the cartoon videos and DVDs that are out there, it'll at least give some insight into the types of video releases that have seen the light of day over the years. Videos are categorized by studio (i.e., Disney cartoons in their own section and Sunbow within its own section), and then by each video publisher (Walt Disney Home Video, Family Home Entertainment, and so on) of said studio's cartoons.


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