First Season

"They never give up; they're always there,
Fighting for freedom over land and air...."

.....Following the extraordinary success of the MASS Device miniseries, Hasbro and Marvel/Sunbow realized the strength of the format, particularly in syndication. With stations everywhere lining up to air a regular series based on the hit toyline, plans began to shift from a miniseries format to a regular series. Starting in 1984 with The Revenge of Cobra and the first season of Transformers, Marvel/Sunbow perfected its format for a regular Joe cartoon (and urged Nelson Shin to create AKOM in order to help decrease Toei's growing workload), and began production on the first season of G.I. Joe.
.....With 55 individual episodes, G.I. Joe's first season stands tall as one of the finest years of television ever made. Featuring episodes such as "The Synthoid Conspiracy" (one of the first two-part episodes ever to air in any cartoon of the era, preceded only by "The House of Shokoti" from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, "Have An Evil Day" from The New Adventures of Batman, and "Dinobot Island", which aired as part of the first week of The Transformers' second season), "Twenty Questions", "Cold Slither", "Worlds Without End", "There's No Place Like Springfield", and the epic season-opening five-parter, The Pyramid of Darkness, the first season is filled with some of the finest writing, voice acting, and animation ever seen on the small screen.
.....Premiering on September 16, 1985, the 55 episode run was aired with the first two miniseries, with new episodes airing in one week blocks through the Christmas season. In addition, the three miniseries (particularly the first two) occasionally ran in their entirety on some weekend afternoons, especially in the spring (this depended mainly on which network the station was an affiliate of). All episodes had nationally run commercials, with the products for the first year being such items as the Nintendo Entertainment System (which was introduced into many major cities in October of 1985), Bugle Boy jeans, and oddly enough, items from Mattel's Masters of the Universe collection. 
.....Also a part of the program were the now-infamous morals, which were non-episode specific safety tips, all of which ended with a kid (or kids) saying, "Well, now I/we know....", to which the Joe giving the moral (which included Scarlett, Gung-Ho, Lady Jaye, Roadblock, Shipwreck, and other well-liked Joes) would respond, ".....and knowing is half the battle." Even though none of the morals were tied in to any episodes, it's obvious that everyone involved with them took steps to make them relevant, and intelligent-sounding, which is more than what can be said for some of the morals on rival series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, which was, in many markets, pushed out of the prime 4 PM time slot as both G.I. Joe and its sister series, The Transformers, dominated the airwaves as the final episodes of He-Man aired, interspersed with some 100 episodes of reruns.


First Season Opening (*.mp3 format): gijoes1
First Season Closing (*.mp3 format): gijoes1end
Moral-Airtight (Never lift the head of someone who's fainted-*.mp3 format): airtightknow
Moral-Alpine (Stay calm if you get lost-*.mp3 format): alpineknow
Moral-Barbecue (Test the door and stay low in a fire-*.mp3 format): barbecueknow
Moral-Barbecue #2 (Don't set off false fire alarms-*.mp3 format): barbecueknow2
Moral-Blowtorch (Escape first above all else in a fire-*.mp3 format): blowtorchknow
Moral-Cutter (Look for a better answer than fighting-*.mp3 format): cutterknow
Moral-Deep Six (Get out of the water immediately in a thunderstorm-*.mp3 format): dsknow
Moral-Deep Six #2 (Always wear a lifejacket when sailing-*.mp3 format): dsknow2
Moral-Dusty (Use reflectors to avoid getting hit while riding a bike-*.mp3 format): dustyknow
Moral-Flint (Don't always follow the crowd-*.mp3 format): flintknow
Moral-Flint #2 (Use teamwork to win games-*.mp3 format): flintknow2
Moral-Footloose (Lean forward and pinch your nose to stop a nosebleed-*.mp3 format): footlooseknow
Moral-Gung-Ho (Don't judge someone before they try-*.mp3 format): ghknow
Moral-Lady Jaye (Use your head when you get in trouble-*.mp3 format): ljknow
Moral-Mutt (Always leave strange animals alone-*.mp3 format): muttknow
Moral-Quick Kick (Always plan ahead-*.mp3 format): qkknow
Moral-Roadblock (Never give out info over the phone while home alone-*.wav format): rbknow
Moral-Roadblock #2 (Stay clear of downed power lines-*.mp3 format): rbknow
Moral-Recondo (Never enter something that can trap you-*.mp3 format): recondoknow
Moral-Ripcord (Meet and beat your problems-*.mp3 format): ripcordknow
Moral-Scarlett (Practice makes perfect-*.mp3 format): scarlettknow
Moral-Snow Job (Be careful around frozen lakes-*.mp3 format): sjknow
Moral-Spirit (Handicapped doesn't mean helpless-*.mp3 format): spiritknow
Moral-Spirit #2 (Don't run if your clothes catch on fire-*.mp3 format): spiritknow2
Moral-Shipwreck (Running away from home leads nowhere-*.mp3 format): swknow
Moral-Shipwreck #2 (Stealing isn't right-*.mp3 format): swknow2
Moral-Torpedo (Create a steady rhythm to avoid drowning-*.mp3 format): torpedoknow
Moral-Wild Bill (Don't trust strangers-*.mp3 format): wbknow



"The Further Adventures of G.I. Joe" (a.k.a. The Pyramid of Darkness Part I)
"Rendezvous In the City of the Dead" (a.k.a. The Pyramid of Darkness Part II)
"Three Cubes To Darkness" (a.k.a. The Pyramid of Darkness Part III)
"Chaos In the Sea of Lost Souls" (a.k.a. The Pyramid ok Darkness Part IV)
"Knotting Cobra's Coils" (a.k.a. The Pyramid of Darkness Part V)
"Countdown For Zartan"
"Red Rocket's Glare"
"Satellite Down"
"Cobra Stops the World"
"Jungle Trap" 
"Cobra's Creatures"
"The Funhouse" 
"Twenty Questions" 
"The Greenhouse Effect" 
"Haul Down the Heavens" 
"The Synthoid Conspiracy" Part I 
"The Synthoid Conspiracy" Part II
"The Phantom Brigade" 
"Lights! Camera! Cobra!" 
"Cobra's Candidate" 
"Money to Burn" 
"Operation Mind Menace" 
"Battle For the Train of Gold" 
"Cobra Soundwaves" 
"Where the Reptiles Roam" 
"The Gamesmaster" 
"Lasers In the Night" 
"The Germ" 
"The Viper Is Coming" 
"Spell of the Siren" 
"Cobra Quake" 
"Captives of Cobra" Part I
"Captives of Cobra" Part II
"Excalibur" "Bazooka Saw a Sea Serpent" 
"Worlds Without End" Part I
"Worlds Without End" Part II 
"Eau De Cobra" 
"Cobra Claws Are Coming To Town" 
"An Eye For An Eye" 
"The Gods Below" 
"Primordial Plot" 
"Flint's Vacation" 
"Hearts And Cannons" 
"Memories of Mara" 
"The Traitor" Part I
"The Traitor" Part II 
"The Pit of Vipers" 
"The Wrong Stuff" 
"The Invaders" 
"Cold Slither" 
"The Great Alaskan Land Rush" 
"Skeletons In the Closet" 
"There's No Place Like Springfield" Part I
"There's No Place Like Springfield" Part II


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