First Season

"Travel with us now, through the dimensions of time, beyond even the furthest star, to the most amazing planet in the heavens...."

.....Like the first full-fledged season of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, the first season of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe stands as a major milestone of animation. It's hard to believe that first-run syndicated cartoons, two-part episodes, toy-based cartoons, and parental protests (well, maybe not that last one-some people love protesting that which has already been sanitized to death) were pretty much non-existent before September of 1983. However, pretty much all of the aforementioned occurrences started with "Diamond Ray of Disappearance". (The lone exception being the two-part episode, which Filmation initially introduced to the modern era on the 1977 series, The New Adventures of Batman, with "Have An Evil Day" Parts I and II.) Episodes such as "Teela's Quest", "The House of Shokoti" Parts I and II, and "The Dragon's Gift" did a lot more than most network shows were even capable of on their best day, much less on a fairly consistent basis.
.....It should be noted that this season in particular was inspired by the woefully short-lived Filmation series, Blackstar. At one point, in "Temple of the Sun", John Blackstar himself is seen holding aloft the Starsword in statue form. While the former series was actually based on the struggle to reunite the Powerstar (which is, ironically, is very similar to the original focus of the Masters of the Universe line), it had many fantasy and sci-fi elements that were later incorporated into He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.
.....Another area where He-Man enjoyed innovation was on the fledging home video market. Numerous episodes (mainly from this initial season) were released on video by RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video (recognizable largely for their uniquely designed boxes), which eventually created the Magic Window imprint for the various children's releases (which, in addition to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, included She-Ra: Princess of Power and Bob Clampett's seminal cartoon Beany and Cecil in its ranks). Also created were special collections, such as "The Greatest Adventures of All" (the fourth volume in the RCA/Columbia series of releases) centering on the first three episodes aired: "Diamond Ray of Disappearance", "Teela's Quest", and "Colossor Awakes". The first volume also featured a variant theme that is featured here.
.....Episodes are presented in (speculated) order of broadcast.


Alternate Opening 1 (from RCA/Columbia Volume 1-*.mp3 format): he-manalt
Alternate Opening 2 (from RCA/Columbia Volume 4, "The Greatest Adventures of All"-*.mp3 format): he-manv4



"Diamond Ray of Disappearance"
"Teela's Quest"
"Colossor Awakes"
"Disappearing Act"
"She-Demon of Phantos"
"The Curse of the Spellstone"
"The Time Corridor"
"The Dragon Invasion"
"A Friend in Need"
"Evil-Lyn's Plot"
"Like Father, Like Daughter"
"Reign of the Monster"
"Creatures From The Tar Swamp"
"Dawn of Dragoon"
"Song of Celice"
"Prince Adam No More"
"Daimar the Demon"
"The Dragon's Gift"
"The Cosmic Comet"
"The Shaping Staff"
"Masks of Power"
"A Beastly Sideshow"
"Quest for He-man"
"The Royal Cousin"
"Orko's Favorite Uncle"
"Wizard of Stone Mountain"
"Ordeal in the Darklands"
"The Return of Orko's Uncle"
"The Defection"
"The Taking of Grayskull"
"A Tale of Two Cities"
"The Starchild"
"The Sleepers Awaken"
"The Search"
"It's Not My Fault"
"Valley of Power"
"Trouble in Arcadia"
"Double Edged Sword"
"The Mystery of Man-E-Faces"
"The Region of Ice"
"Orko's Missing Magic"
"Eternal Darkness"
"Keeper of the Ancient Ruins"
"Return of Evil"
"Return of the Gryphon"
"Temple of The Sun"
"City Beneath the Sea"
"Teela's Trial"
"Dree Elle's Return"
"Game Plan"
"Eye of the Beholder"
"Quest for the Sword"
"Castle of Heroes"
"The Witch and The Warrior"
"The Return of Granamyr"
"The Huntsman"
"The Remedy"
"Search for the VHO"
"House of Shokoti" Part I
"House of Shokoti" Part II
"The Once and Future Duke"
"Pawns of the Game Master"
"Golden Disks of Knowledge"
"The Heart of A Giant"


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