Second Season

.....If anything can sum up the second season of Dungeons & Dragons in very few words, it's "hard core". Granted, those words can generally be the kiss of death, but the second season of D&D is filled with classic episodes. Astonishingly, there's a quality episode for each regular cast member as we see Bobby and Presto find love for the first time (the highly entertaining "The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow" and the stunning "The Last Illusion", respectively), Hank is forced to betray his friends ("The Traitor"), and Diana meets her soul mate (the legendary "Child of the Stargazer"), to name a few examples.
.....Possibly most indicative of the second season is "The Dragon's Graveyard", in which the Young Ones decide to kill Venger after he destroys another of the portals back to Earth. The battle royale at the end of the episode not only acts as a climax of sorts for the series (or at least for the conflicts with Venger and Tiamat), but it caused a similar dispute with CBS' Programming Standards and Practices division-easily the most powerful force on the network's Saturday outside of Judy Price, head of Children's Programming at the time. The episode did come to air, but the damage had been done. The next year was the last season, for reasons that are still in question to this day.
.....Episodes are listed in their original airing order, as shown by a number of sources online.



"The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow"
"The Treasure of Tardos"
"City At the Edge of Midnight"
"The Traitor"
"Day of the Dungeon Master"
"The Last Illusion"
"The Dragon's Graveyard"
"Child of the Stargazer"

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