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"Buffy, this isn't just about looking at a bunch of animals. This is about not being in class."

April 12th, 2015-Well, that San Diego thing was a hot mess, and the aforementioned job search has gone even worse. So, let's level for a moment, shall we? At present, 95% of my personal property is sitting in a storage container, and the almost all of the 5% out of it never left for San Diego in the first place, on account of it being a large cabinet full of books, magazines, comic books, and the miniscule remains of my VHS collection. Selling what I actually want to sell has hit an impasse, and if we're being honest, it's mostly stuff I've been trying and/or wanting to unload for years to minimal success. The stark reality is that I need a source of income ASAP, preferably at or near the rather modest $400/week that was my pre-tax income at Target (when I was getting over 30 hours of work each week). Besides improving my living situation, the site could use some upgrading into the 21st Century that I can't provide, and I've tossed around the idea of making videos or a semi-regular podcast, which I really can't do at this point in time, and probably couldn't even if I was employed. I've bandied about the idea of starting a Patreon fund, but the metrics surrounding how many people visit the site itself (or the blog, which I've been updating weekly with posts in about Star Trek) don't really support it, and I've received absolutely nothing from the Amazon and Paypal links on the main page. Any constructive ideas at this point would be strongly appreciated, via email and Facebook.

In more positive news, today brings a review of the new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe soundtrack CD from La-La Land Records.

July 13th, 2014-Big changes this time. In the great abyss of time since the last update, I've moved to San Diego. The Paypal donate button and Amazon wish list links on the main page exist in part because the job search is going pretty horribly (as Target wasn't accommodating in the transfer department). Obviously, to even merit contributions means updating the site with some regularity, and believe me, that's the goal from here on out. Today, here's a new editorial ripping into the whiny Macross fans that are attempting to sabotage the Kickstarter that Harmony Gold has going on right now.

December 28th, 2013-The video of the broadcast version of the second act of "War Dawn" in the Changes section has again been made available to all users, as it is now on Daily Motion instead of YouTube, as I am frankly uninterested in pleasing Hasbro when it comes to their efforts to screw over consumers with their piss-poor Sunbow DVDs.

November 12th, 2013-A new editorial is up, reflecting on the death of Filmation co-founder Lou Scheimer. There'll be a corresponding blog post within the next day or so as I further elaborate on the passing of the man who, along with Gene Roddenberry and Steve Gerber, has served as a great pillar of cultural influence in my life.

September 30th, 2013-Not an update, per se, but some minor revisions have been made to the reviews of "Diamond Ray of Disappearance" and "Teela's Quest" to reflect the actual premiere of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, which is September 26th, 1983 (as detailed in Lou Scheimer's excellent biography). And yes, I'm only pointing this out because the same individual whose claim of September 5th (when heavily edited, time-compressed versions of the series began airing on the UK's ITV) as the premiere of the show is still pushing that date for the 30th Anniversary.

"Although it debuted in (sic) England's ITV on September 5th, He-Man's U.S. television debut was Monday, September 26th....."-Lou Scheimer, Creating the Filmation Generation, Pg. 205

September 14th, 2013-Although a good two days behind the curve, the first review in a series covering the 30th Anniversaries of what I consider to be the Holy Trinity of '80s Animation: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Dungeons & Dragons, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Today's review is for "The Cobra Strikes", the first episode of G.I. Joe.

In other news, the DVD backlog has finally been conquered, freeing up time for other things, like reviews, baseball (holy shit are the Red Sox awesome this season!), video games, and maybe some room cleaning. But mostly reviews.

February 20th, 2013-It's a review. An honest to God review, this time of "Divide and Conquer", from The Transformers. Just think, if the Mayans had been right, you would never has gotten this. ;)

October 16th, 2012-Another new editorial, and if this doesn't start a torrential flood of hate mail, I don't know what will. (Though the tone is relatively polite, the opinions are quite biting.)

August 29th, 2012-A new editorial is up, revealing that Shout! Factory and Hasbro may not have the only NTSC broadcast masters for G.I. Joe and The Transformers in existence.

October 24th, 2011-That review I teased is now here, as an editorial. My brain is still hurting from the double-shot of the PAL-compression and Foxification that exists in the Doctor Who TV movie.

October 15th, 2011-Just in time to quell at least some of the unwarranted bitching about Shout! Factory's Jem DVDs, it's a new editorial about the various versions of the Truly Outrageous! and Starbright miniseries. While it never really had a chance of impacting the Shout! Factory DVDs, there's always the possibility of positively impacting whatever "sampler" DVD Shout! has planned, or even a release of the Truly Outrageous! movie, if such a thing is in the cards. Again, thanks to Jonas of Rock Jem for his help in figuring this issue out.

As for the Shout! Factory DVDs, I do have them (I'm about to hit the infamous Rio plant-kicking in "Glitter And Gold" as I type), and since there has been a degree of frankly uninformed complaining about this set, I'm going to prep a review once I've finished watching the set. Also, the Video Variations page for Jem will be getting one last update before it gets relegated to "archive" status. As the Rhino sets are now selling for half (at best) of their original retail value online (which is way down from even six months ago), I feel that keeping the page online still has value.

June 4th, 2011-An update! Yes, I have been working on the site, and just catching up on Doctor Who or my massive DVD backlog. First and foremost, a new editorial is up, which is the current master list of DVD sets your fair webmaster wants released, and with some helpful suggestions on what should be on those sets. Also, another revision to the Video Variations page for the first part of Transformers Season One.

On the front of future updates, the Jem Video Variations page is going to be undergoing some severe changes in the future, primarily for the first part of the series. Besides the airings of the show on The Hub (using the broadcast masters, thankfully), I'm on the verge of getting not only some alternate bootleg sources, but some assistance on sorting out the various versions of the episodes up through Starbright (which is where the question of variant Jem episodes seems to end).

September 8th, 2010-And again, I have slacked off. More of a non-update here, as I've merely added a blog.

February 2nd, 2010-I've touched up the alterations page for Jem, after getting the VHS tapes I needed, and more than a little bit of slacking off. The reaction to the initial update was pretty positive, so thank you all. As I alluded to back in July when this whole mess/cusade/drama/whatever started (which has kept me sidetracked from actual reviews), the next update will have some editorials going on with my thoughts about censorship. Also coming will be an editorial listing the shows that I feel need improved DVD releases.

Outside of cartoons, there are some things to address. First, Fox: I HATE YOU. Cancelling Dollhouse was damn near the final straw. I say "damn near" because of well, this:

Oh, yes, I'm talking about NBC. The Peacock Network, which cancelled Star Trek twice, ruined Flash Gordon (and buried the movie version that preceded the Filmation series while they were at it), ushered in the death of the Saturday morning cartoon (first by loading their block with DiC-produced drek before kiling it outright with lame Saved By the Bell clones), has made Notre Dame home games nigh unwatchable (what would we do without Don Criqui and Allen Pinkett?), and has generally insulted the intelligence of viewers for decades, performed its final insult by backstabbing Conan O'Brien. While it's true I watch three shows on the network (Chuck, Heroes, and Mercy), and that I fully expect all three shows to get renewed as a result of the Jay Leno in prime time debacle, I can't help but believe that this is an extremely temporary reprieve. And, since all signs point to Conan moving to Fox, I'm in the unfortunate position of not being able to give either network the dreaded everything-that-isn't-sports boycott.

Secondly, as alluded to on the main page, Jon Miller, play-by-play man for the San Francisco Giants and ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball, was named this year's Ford C. Frick Award for baseball broadcasters. Having the entire bridge crew of the Enterprise-D do a facepalm could not cover the embarrassment I feel. He and Joe Morgan form the worst broadcasting team in the game, hands down.

Third, Up is up for Best Picture at the Oscars. A win would rule as much as this stupid "Obama hates Vegas!" mess doesn't.

Lastly, this is the last update for a while, because the second Dragon Box arrived today.

January 14th, 2010-New decade, new update, and new sense of relief. The alterations page for Jem is up (minus "Culture Clash", which is not on my bootleg set of the series, for completely unknown reasons). It's pretty heavy (and annoyingly so, in fact, given the sad state of the aforementioned bootlegs), but it's quite nice to expose these issues before a DVD release appears.

In completely unrelated news, Mattel is set to finally release a toy of Princess Adora, as part of their pricey but still awesome (well, mostly awesome, at any rate) Masters of the Universe Classics line. The thing is, she's obviously in her Filmation design, even though Mattel stated that they wouldn't be following those designs when the line was announced (and as such, Hordak and Mer-Man resemble the '80s toys instead of their generally superior cartoon designs). If Mattel is reneging on that promise, then I seriously want the Trollans (specifically, Orko, Uncle Montork, and Dree Elle) and some of the other Filmation-exclusive characters.

November 24th, 2009-Big update today. The alterations pages for Seasons 2 and 3 of The Transformers are now up (and with significantly less nerdrage than the G.I. Joe pages). I'm sad to report that I will have to continue this little project as I've discovered that, yes, Rhino's Jem DVD sets have some of the same issues as the Joe and TF sets. Since such an undertaking will require that I get my hands on bootlegs and possibly some of the old FHE and Rhino tapes, it will have to wait until after the new year, when I have 3 paychecks in January and a big ol' tax refund waiting.

In other news, I've gone through the Blu-ray release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and it's my opinion that a Blu-ray release of at least some of the classic Disney shorts is in the cards. A fresh transfer of "The Skeleton Dance" is included as a special feature, and "Steamboat Willie" has undergone a massive restoration (akin to the one that Snow White itself has received for the Blu-ray) that has eliminated practically all signs of age to the short (even the sound distortion I mention in my review of the short). Quite frankly, it's startling.

Also, Dragon Ball Z has been figuring heavy, which is very apt given that this year has been the show's 20th anniversary. The chopped-down (as of this writing, the first 70-ish episodes down to 33) Dragon Ball Kai continues, and it has featured a pretty heavy amount of re-drawn and/or flat-out new animation (which sticks out like a sore thumb, truth be told), a new score, and re-voiced audio (which has some heavier-than-expected cast changes). Somewhat related (and certainly influential to my opinion of Kai) is the long-awaited release of the Dragon Box in America. While not an exact replica of the Japanese release (it's smaller, physically, for one, and will be split into 7 sets as opposed to 2), it's the best release of the show ever to come out in America.....provided you prefer the Japanese audio (and you probably should, as the dub was terribly scripted). Despite a rather excessive 5.1 English track, it's given short shrift in the Dragon Book, and the subtitles to accompany the dub don't even cover the "Next Episode" previews (a big selling point, as Funimation has never had the audio for these segments before). However, with 6 more volumes coming before the possibility of the Dragon Boxes for the original series, there won't be any DBZ episode reviews any time soon.

Finally, it appears that the best website for G.I. Joe the Marvel/Sunbow way, JoeGuide.com is down, and has been for a couple of days now. Granted, David hasn't updated the site since Dubya's first term, but it's a superb resource, and I hope to hell that it returns quickly.

October 5th, 2009-Today's fairly minor (in terms of effort and man hours, at least) update is brought to you by the letters I, F, and U, for I FUCKED UP. When I embraced the almighty nerdrage last September (scroll down or click here), I forgot to, oh, you know, link to my source for half the damn page? When Garrett fucks up, he fucks up BIG. A rather fitting irony is that I was snickering at how Evan G. of SNES Central uses a bibliography the other night. Even more fitting of an irony is how the material in question originated over at the old He-Man and She-Ra Episode Review Website, a rather significant inspiration for this very site. So, now we all have this happy reminder of how you too can make an ass of yourself not by showing your nerdrage, but by not giving credit to a website you liked enough to make your own website using it as an inspiration.

August 16th, 2009-The changes for G.I. Joe's second season are now up. While not the clean sweep I expected, it's still not an utter disaster. Well, except for Act 3 of "The Most Dangerous Thing in the World". On a side note, I've given in to the social networking website phenomenon/fad/whatever and joined Facebook. I won't be joining Myspace, seeing as how it's owned by Rupert Murdoch (Arr!), and Twitter annoys the hell out of me. Interested parties can search my name, Garrett Aja (but please leave a note identifying yourself as a fan of this site when submitting the friend request, or you'll be ignored), or the group I created almost immediately, Fans of Sunbow Productions. My Facebook feed will announce updates, as well as the usual opinions and links-such as the hilarious (and star-studded) "Ballad of G.I. Joe" that has been making the rounds online.

August 2nd, 2009-So, I screwed up formatting on the Video Variations section. D'oh! That's fixed, and up is the section for G.I. Joe. Before I tackle the (hopefully very easy) Season 2 of Joe, I'm going to be taking a few days off, for mental health reasons. (Read the descriptions for the episodes, and you'll understand.)

July 22nd, 2009-So, apparently the fucked state of the new G.I. Joe set is due to Hasbro's desires. Besides the re-take issues I mentioned below, "There's No Place Like Springfield" Part 2 still has its notorious edit removing Althaea's brandishing of a bazooka and insuting Shipwreck. As my many reviews have implied, I find censorship for any reason to be utterly abhorrent. That it happens to G.I. Joe's finest hour only adds to my extreme outrage. As such, it has led to tonight's update, and will influence the site's updates for the forseeable future. Today marks the opening of the Video Variations section, which will document changes to cartoons on video, starting with The Transformers and G.I. Joe. Upon completion of this project (some 170 episodes in the future), I'll be authoring an editorial commenting on my findings, and censorship in general.

July 16th, 2009-Note to anyone who cares, re: the chronic re-take problems that plagued the Rhino Transformers and G.I. Joe DVDs, and are still present on the new Shout! Factory sets: THIS SHIT HAS GOT TO STOP. *Returns to watching the Shout! Season 1.1 set, which has addressed none of your fair webmaster's concerns about the three re-takes for the show through Act 2 of the second part of Pyramid of Darkness*

June 30th, 2009-If you're famous and you're reading this, let me be the first to say that I'm happy that you're able to read this. Seriously! The rate at which notable people are dying is quickly becoming the stuff of bad comedies. And, not shockingly, the only death the media is concentrating on is that of Michael Jackson, never mind the role the media played in his long and sad death spiral. And speaking of death spirals, why has Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen grossed nearly $400 million dollars across the globe in less than a week? Ignoring the righteously bad racial stereotypes (the type and severity not seen in film since Mickey Rooney's awful role in the otherwise wonderful Breakfast At Tiffany's), the film has received an ungodly number of bad reviews, many from people who actually liked the first one! *facepalm* Today's update is a lengthy editorial about the Shout! Factory box set for the first season of The Transformers. Later on today (it's almost 1:00 AM Pacific right now) I expect to tackle the DVDs in a much more traditional manner, before disappearing to watch the Transformers and G.I. Joe complete sets, the former of which will be shipping tomorrow (finally!).

June 6th, 2009-The re-formatting process is over, at last. However, the impending releases of the Shout! Factory G.I. Joe and Transformers sets means I won't be undertaking any reviews for the time being-with the likely exception of the sets themselves. In ten days (which, thankfully, is an off day from my crummy job) I should have the first season set of The Transformers in hand, which I'll tear into with a keen eye. However, since circumstance or posting a link to my Amazon seller page here has seen my copy of the Rhino first season set sell (among many other items) in the past month, there'll be no side-by-side comparison shots. Enough, in fact, to cover the hosting fee for the year, plus my renewal to Nintendo Power (with some to spare).

Anyways, after that will be the complete Transformers set, which, despite an extremely annoying issue with the billing to my bank account by Shout! Factory, should be shipping on the first of July. Oddly, the complete G.I. Joe set is slated to ship on the 15th-almost a week before the first of the for-retail box sets is set to come out. The ultimate result is that between the Sox, work (for which I seem to be consistently getting 30 hours of work at present), and these DVDs, I'll be occupied for a while. After that "workload" is completed, I'll probably be going through Transformers yet again, seeing as how I should be able to get screen grabs and record sound files from the show without worrying about re-takes and a crummy 5.1 mix with added sound effects.

May 9th, 2009-Re-formatting the reviews (WTF was I thinking with having tables for the reviews?) is taking longer than I'd hoped. And I've yet to deal with the Mickey reviews, which desperately require new screen grabs, some of which I need to play with due to some excessive window-boxing on the Treasures DVD releases. I also took the liberty of seeing Star Trek this past afternoon, and I have a two-word review for anyone reading:FUCKING AWESOME! It's a reboot along the lines of Batman: Year One and Superman: The Man of Steel, but it works marvelously, due to a script that balances the needs of hard-core Trekkers like myself and casual fans (or non-fans), a superb cast (everyone assumes the classic roles very nicely, especially Chris Pine and Simon Pegg), some fine directing, and Leonard Nimoy's genius handing off of the torch. Additionally, I've started to put up my viewing copies of The Transformers' first season on Amazon. These include the flawed Rhino DVDs, and VHS tapes (the majority of which are the older FHE releases). so if you've got tge space to collect all things home video for G.I. Joe and The Transformers, here's your chance.

May 2nd, 2009-Another year, another long period of slacking off. And, like most of the people reading this (all three of you), the "recession" (read: depression) is beating down my wallet. Thankfully, I expect to be able to pay the bills here for another year. However, it's becoming increasingly obvious that my crummy job won't be able to finance my opulent lifestyle (note sarcasm) any time soon, so I'm going to have to hit the grindstone, do some reviews, maybe even whore the site a little, submit to cereal:geek, and eventually get somewhere with this overanalyzing old cartoons thing.

Anyways, on to the update: basically, I've finished off the updating of the site, thereby retiring the disjointed look once and for all. Also, a great deal of the images (including the collage on the main page) have been re-done, using the AsSceneOnTV program that makes doing screen grabs from DVDs significantly easier. I will, however, need a new external capturing device at some point, one that can handle hi-def video, as well as accept component inputs in order to take advantage of cartoons HD DVD and Blu-ray. Also, I'm very much regretting having sold that Scary Tales cassette a few years back. :(

September 21, 2008-No, no reviews today. (I'm totally screwed in this regard.) However, a new editorial is up, and it's a scorcher. Hell, if anyone (except Bart, who is still awesome) reads this website, I'll likely find out here and now. (One hopes things don't get as insane as when I ripped the Devil's Due G.I. Joe comic to shreds-I was kind of, sort of gaining some actual experience running a news page under Rod's auspices before that last version of ZD got nuked off the web.) Though, truth be told, I do sort of come off the ledge at the end.

September 8, 2008-Late, again. Oy. The review for "Teela's Quest" is now up, though two days late (and then closer to three, when you get down to it). I hope to catch up by the 11th, but don't hold your breath. I am experimenting with something with the review to "Colossor Awakes", which may improve the time factor thingy in completing the reviews. If it works, I'll be rather happy.

September 5, 2008-The celebration kida, sorta, maybe, begins, with the review of "Diamond Ray of Disappearance" on its 25th Anniversary. Also, I fixed the "Cartoons" page a bit, removing the ugly (I still need to do some more serious changes there, though). That's pretty much it, for today. Hopefully, I can get the reviews up and running for the first week's worth of He-Man on time. Yeah, right.

Also, in other matters, Bill Melendez, the mastermind behind the Peanuts cartoons, and the last prominent living Warner Bros. animator, died this week. :( Suffice it to say, this year has been extremely awful for celebrity deaths, and particularly in the world of animation, where many, less familiar, artists have sadly passed on. Also dying this week was Don LaFontaine, the world's pre-eminent voice actor for movie trailers. However, in happier news, I received an e-mail regarding my "Steamboat Willie" review (to which I haven't personally replied, because I expected to the "Cobra Stops the World" review done ages ago) from Bart Massey. Anyways, he solves the mystery regarding the FOB tag in the short:

"Actually, it *is* an acronym, and one that would have been much more familiar to audiences 75 years ago than it is today.  In this context FOB stands for "Free On Board" or "Freight On Board".  The USDA glossary defines it as "A pricing term indicating that the quoted price includes the cost of loading the goods into transport vessels at the specified place."  The FOB tag attached to the cow presumably indicates that transport for the cow has already been paid for by the seller."

And if you're curious as to how Bart know this, well check out his site/blog, named FOB (Friends of Bart): http://fob.po8.org/. (Or just look at the title.)

Thanks, Bart!

February 21, 2008-The long slumber reaches an end, albeit prematurely. Many pages reflect the new, less messy style I've been toying with, though much of it is still either untouched, or simply incomplete (such as the layout of the reviews-the whole table format is going the way of the dinosaur, and may eventually lead to more interesting layouts re: the screengrabs). This, of course, is due to the (mildly delayed) tribute to Steve Gerber in the Editorials section.

May 24, 2004-The slacking ends. While I'm still woefully behind on watching DVDs (I can't drum up the courage to watch The Black Cauldron, for one thing) and listening to CDs, my desire to not be a slacker in regards to this website has kicked in. So, here's the much-delayed review for "Steamboat Willie".

February 23, 2004-Well, so much for the plans I had for November. And December. And January. And this month. Sheesh. When I slack off, boy do I slack off. Anyways, as I complained, not much came about on Mickey's 75th. Disney unveiled some really nice statues (designed by everyone from Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor to Ben Affleck) and announced their Mickey-related plans for this year. Not only will we get the delayed Disney Treasures wave (which includes Mickey Mouse in Living Color Vol. 2), but December's regularly scheduled wave will feature Mickey Mouse in Black and White Vol. 2, which will mean that every classic Mickey ever made is going to be on DVD by the end of the year! Woo hoo, baby. Thank you, Mr. Maltin. Also, a direct-to-video movie of The Three Musketeers starring Mickey, Donald, and Goofy is going to hit in the summer, which is all fine and good, but why couldn't that have been treated as a true Disney feature? I like Fun and Fancy Free, but I'd like a full-length Mickey cartoon, especially since the MouseWorks and House of Mouse people deserve the chance to do something really ni.....Oh, wait. That moron Eisner fired all of those people.

Which brings me to my next point. While I was being a slacker, Roy E. Disney (Walt's nephew and son of Disney co-founder Roy. O. Disney) resigned from the Disney board of directors. With Stanley Gold (who also quite the same day as Roy), he's been campaigning for shareholders to dump Michael Eisner and his cronies on the board on their collective asses. I could go on for ages, but visiting Jim Hill Media and Save Disney (the latter being Roy and Stanley's website) will fill you in on the dire situation of The Walt Disney Company. Suffice to say, I pray that changes are made on March 2nd, just like I pray the Comcast doesn't buy Disney.

Finally, on to the update. No new reviews, but a new section: Videos. It's still under construction and all that, but what's there is fairly spiffy, in my opinion. Plus, it's got some videos!

November 14, 2003-Four days late, here is the next Mickey-centric review, "Plane Crazy". As much as it makes me want to hurl, I'm probably not going to get through all of the shorts I picked this month. *bangs head against wall*

In other news, Sunday marks the single Mickey (and Minnie, of course) birthday celebration that I've been able to locate-a marathon on Toon Disney and The Disney that starts at 10 AM, comprised, it seems, solely of 13 hours of episodes of Disney's House of Mouse. While the series is nothing short of excellent, I can't help but feel underwhelmed. There doesn't seem to be any classic Mickey shorts, not even the 40-odd black and whites that Disney colorized in the '90s. You'd think that there'd be a big prime time special or even an episode of Biography. Instead, Biography is doing an ep on Jimmy Hoffa and ABC is showing its standard prime time lineup on Tuesday. Given how quickly ABC slapped together its well-deserved tribute to the late John Ritter, you'd think that they would have a Mickey special planned, or even a special episode of The Wonderful World of Disney. Instead, we get next to nothing. Am I the only one sensing something wrong in the world of pop culture?

Also, the Disney Treasures scheduled for December 2nd have been pushed back to May, but not because Disney is having second thoughts about the On the Front Lines set (which will have all of Disney's war films). It seems that Disney needs the extra production facilities in order to meet demand for the DVDs of The Lion King (which has been out since October 7th), Finding Nemo (which was released on the 4th, and is reportedly shattering DVD sales records), and Pirates of the Caribbean. I shouldn't be surprised, or even mad (seeing as how I'm all for the continued success of quality DVD releases), but dammit, I want those sets!

November 7, 2003-Yet another review, this time of "Pluto's Judgement Day", plus some minor fixes here and there. Plus, anyone got a really cheap, Mac-compatible, scanner for sale?

November 4, 2003-The second Mickey-themed updated brings a review of 1929's "Haunted House", the first short featuring Walt Disney as the voice of Mickey.

November 1, 2003-The long hiatus is over, and the frantic updates begin! As the first phase of the site's celebration of Mickey Mouse, a review has been put up, for the classic 1935 short, "The Band Concert". Additionally, the main site background has been changed permanently to a more Mouse-like design, and the Mickey Mouse section has been set up.

September 24, 2003-An update! Finally! As I was supposed to deliver in, oh, July, the review for "Roll For It" is up. Now, here's the site's status: still no video capture device, in part because the one I did buy turned out to be a piece of junk. The new one is getting ordered next payday (which is Oct. 3rd), and there will be reviewage once I get it in the mail.

I've acquired the videos I asked for last month, so all I need is to receive them and get started on my evil plans. Also, on the cartoon front, the G.I. Joe box set hasn't come to fruition. However, we'll be getting Jem on DVD next year, a set supervised by Christy Marx herself! Also, the first half of The Transformers Season 3 hits on October 14. It seems like all of the good shows (except for a certain Filmation show that I've reviewed an episode of) are getting their day on DVD.....

August 4, 2003-You know when you have something planned, and it gets completely screwed up? Well, I had been working on the review for "Roll For It" (after having to replace my Snappy), but I managed to get sidetracked downloading cartoons (i.e., Golden Age fare that's far less than PC) and episodes of Angel (a mission which eventually failed miserably, unlike the 'toon quest). Then, I downloaded Netscape 7.1, and all hell broke loose. Long story short, my old computer is dead (along with some miscellaneous files I didn't manage to save) and I now have a new one, which is a nice eMac. Good news: all my files for "Roll For It" are still alive and fully functional, so I can start in on that process at my leisure (i.e., immediately). Bad news: My Snappy is now nice and unusable, and I have yet to buy a new video capture device (although I'm definitely working on it). So, the next review after "Roll For It" will likely be delayed.

Now for some comments and a request: Apparently, Amazon is adding sales taxes to orders now, as I discovered while getting ready to order some old-style G.I. Joe and Transformers stuff. Grrrr.... Also, Wal-Mart and Target aren't carrying the newest volume of Batman: The Animated Series episodes. Double Grrr..... However, there is good stuff going on in the cartoon world: The first season of Rocky and Bullwinkle is currently out on DVD, and October 28th will (finally) see the first half of G.I. Joe's first season out on DVD (which will likely include the first-ever home video release of the classic Pyramid of Darkness miniseries). Also, I saw American Wedding today, which is most excellent indeed and therefore fulfilling my requirement to see Alyson Hannigan in something that doesn't colossally piss me off this year.

As for my request, I'm looking for VHS copies of two Disney videos, both of which were released in the '80s. One is the Mickey volume of the Limited Gold Collection (not to be confused with the current Gold Collection-these videos were collections of old Disney shorts in nice gold packaging), and the other is called Scary Tales, Volume 3 (another collection of Disney shorts). Any help will be appreciated.

Finally, what do you think of this site, anyways? Outside of some comments from my net friends, I've received but one e-mail about the CRW since it opened. Please, e-mail me, and tell me what you think!

June 18, 2003-OK, OK.....so I'm late by two days, no thanks to FrontPage crashing at 10:30 on Monday night (losing a huge chunk of the review, as well). Anyways, as promised, the review is of "Transport to Oblivion". Also, I've thrown up the generic bumpers for The Transformers, which are here and here. When I get to reviewing "Roll For It" (points at stack of unwatched DVDs), I'll put up the remastered versions from the Season 1 DVD set. (And no, I'm not interested in arguing the merits of Rhino's new TF sound mix.)

June 11, 2003-Another non-update. More of a mini-rant, really. Firstly, I'm just about through the second discs of Buffy Season 4 and Angel Season 1, so Monday looks like a good estimate for the "Transport to Oblivion" review. Secondly, the Snake Armor He-Man variant has been unveiled, and announced as the He-Man to be seen in the comic and Mike Young Productions' very non-stellar cartoon (once Season 2 starts). See it here. Now you'll understand why I won't be reviewing that suck-fest. :)

June 10, 2003-Today's more of a non-update, really. Reason being? Today marks the release of the 4th Season of Buffy on DVD, so you can figure out what I'll be watching for the next few days. I was hoping to get a new review up (for "Transport to Oblivion"), but I suck. Oh, well. Anyone visiting over the weekend may have noticed that the screen grabs for all three parts of "More Than Meets the Eye" have changed-I switched from grabs taken from the Rhino/Blockbuster Video exclusive VHS release to the Season 1 DVD set. And God smiled down upon Garrett as it suddenly became easy to create screen grabs of panning shots......

May 30, 2003-Everything's new! :) After, uh.....Jesus, I can't even remember how long it's been, but anyways, it took me awhile to finally finish the site, but it's done, and I'm a happy camper. For the record, there are two editorials (here and here), reviews for "The Dragon's Graveyard" (from Dungeons & Dragons); "Worlds Without End", Parts I and II (from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero); and "More Than Meets the Eye", Parts I, II, and III; and "The Dragon Invasion" (from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe). Additionally, I've got character profiles for Duke, Scarlett, and Zartan (all from G.I. Joe).

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