Season 1, Disc 2 Changes

.....This disc contains the big daddy of TF DVD screw-ups, "Heavy Metal War", as well as one of five episodes sourced from the broadcast masters-namely, "Countdown to Extinction", the phantom fourth part of The Ultimate Doom.

"Fire on the Mountain"-eight changes (verified using FHE's Volume 8, "Fire on the Mountain")
Change #1-7:09

Description: If produced today, there never would have been a re-take here, as Japanese influences on animation are much more mainstream in America.

Change #2-14:23

Description: Beats me why. I'm just logging these changes.

Change #3-15:33

Change #4-16:43

Change #5-18:39

Description: A nice little ticky-tack re-take to add in the overlay "glow" effect.

Change #6-19:45

Description: A bit odd to have a re-take over the color of the barrel, I'd say.

Change #7-20:17

Description: Thundercracker bobs up and down in this shot in the finished scene.

Change #8-21:41

Description: This one was done not only for scale, but so that you can actually see the Autobots as they leave.

"War of the Dinobots"-13 changes (verified using FHE's Volume 9 "War of the Dinobots" tape)
Change #1-1:11

Description: In the final version, Prime's door closes after Spike exits. The Rhino and Shout! Factory versions have the door snap shut just before Prime transforms.

Change #2-3:14

Description: The focus shifts in the Rhino version, and it's rather annoying.

Change #3-8:38

Description: A re-take based solely on the coloring of Slag's head?

Change #4-10:11

Description: Rhino replaced the tail end of a long and complicated series of pans and dissolves, missing the point: it's the zoom on Prime that's the issue, at least in tandem with whatever issue they replaced.

Change #5-11:28

Description: A fairly blatant shading issue here.

Change #6-13:10

Description: See Change #3.

Change #7-14:33

Description: The camera does a neat counter-clockwise turn as it trucks in in the broadcast version. Also, the rocks are blue in the Rhino version, leading to....

Change #8-14:49

Change #9-15:20

Change #10-16:51

Description: The episode's story dictates the odd animation effect that was initially missing in this shot.

Change #11-19:16

Description: It comes as no surprise that everyone missed this blink-and-you'll-miss-it re-take.

Change #12-19:20

Description: Why the camera move was changed and not the rather ugly cels is beyond me.

Change #13-21:55

Description: This is one of the reasons why I occasionally wonder if the Sunbow shows should just have the broadcast masters on DVD instead of dealing with Rhino's crap. First and foremost, the pan to end the episode is completely goofed, as the camera's movement is completely the reverse of what it was in the final episode. However, the topper is this: in the original take, there was no moon! So, Rhino, in their vast wisdom, inserted the moon from the first shot in the episode, and decided that was good enough. I swear, I couldn't make up crap this crazy if I tried.

The Ultimate Doom Part I-two changes (verified using Rhino's "Villains: The Ultimate Doom" DVD and online sources)
Change #1-:35

Description: The opening pan glitches on the "remastered", about where there images I have for you are.

Change #2-13:46

Description: Lack of detail + off-model=re-take.

The Ultimate Doom Part II-eight changes (verified using Rhino's "Villains: The Ultimate Doom" DVD and online sources)
Change #1-2:15

Change #2-17:19

Description: Two very common errors here.

Change #3-17:24

Description: This is probably the only time that this variant coloring of Sludge's head, a fixture of his earliest appearances, drew a re-take.

Change #4-18:31

Description: This marks the beginning of Sunbow definitely wanting Wheeljack's blinks to match his speech.

Change #5-18:50

Description: This one is painfully obvious.

Change #6-19:07

Change #7-20:34

Description: The perspective in the box set version is wrong, and Spike would have to be as tall as Bumblebee to even be in front of the viewscreen like he is.

Change #8-21:21

Description: The re-take was ordered here to get more emotion out of Spike, but the animator of this new footage made him look oddly infantile.

The Ultimate Doom Part III-four changes (verified using Rhino's "Villains: The Ultimate Doom" DVD and online sources)
Change #1-:44

Description: This one is odd. Part II has the shot of the workers framed by the viewscreen in Decepticon Headquarters, as well as a pan across the scene, minus the viewscreen. Here, the shots are merged, but with no sign of a tape splice. Still, Rhino should have noticed this oddball shot when remastering the episodes.

Change #2-:50

Description: Another marvelous example of Rhino's remastering goofing up a recap. The two shots here took place at disparate moments of the last episode, so pulling footage from there instead of the recap is horribly foolish.

Change #3-9:29

Description: The sense of depth in the aired version of this shot is utterly lost in the Rhino version.

Change #4-12:32

Description: While the original Rhino cut of this episode is notorious for the horrible digital edit involving Mirage towards the end of the episode, it was also lousy with edits to insert Shockwave's blinky. This represents the last one that Shout! Factory missed.

Change #5-20:36

Description: This one is painfully obvious.

"Countdown to Extinction": The Ultimate Doom Part IV-no changes (verification not needed-DVD sourced from broadcast master)
"A Plague of Insecticons"-three changes (verified using FHE Volume 12)
Change #1-4:16

Description: A fairly glaring (and hideous) coloring error with Megatron's forehead.

Change #2-10:20

Description: I will give Sunbow credit for prioritizing the blinking color error over the insane number of static ones involving the Insecticons over the last few minutes prior.

Change #3-10:45

"Heavy Metal War"
-19 changes (verified using Rhino's Volume 6, "Evolution Revolution")
Change #1-:42

Description: Not shockingly, Sunbow was exceptionally picky with this episode, so much that Rhino and Shout! have had no end of trouble dealing with it. The opening pan here pauses at the end in the broadcast version, but does not in the original take.

Change #2-1:50

Description: The workers slide into the shot in the Rhino version, distracting from the main action: Scavenger loading the stolen equipment into Long Haul.

Change #3-3:05

Description: Sunbow objected to Long Haul, the Constructicons' resident whiner, standing swiftly to attention. It doesn't hurt that he looks particularly ugly in that standing pose, either.

Change #4-4:12

Description: The foreground trees obscure the roadway in front of Autobot Headquarters.

Change #5-4:39

Change #6-4:42

Description: These two shots represent one of the more annoying uncorrected moments in the Rhino remasters. In addition to featuring bad simulations of Wheeljack's speech blinkies, there's some missing effects animation, as well as some missing regular animation.

Change #7-4:58

Description: The double-exposure effect on Prime's rifle was not double-exposed in the original take.

Change #8-5:00

Change #9-6:40

Description: Going to the negatives certainly has an altering affect on the colors, but it doesn't turn a pink glow white. In fact, the opposite is supposed to happen. Therefore, we have a digital edit.

Change #10-9:24

Change #11-10:15

Description: Clearly drawn by the same animator, these two shots show a distinct difficulty by at least one Toei artist to draw Spike properly.

Change #12-10:18

Description: The original take was zoomed out further than is shown on the DVD, and featured further break-up in the image. Rhino tried to simulate the re-take with video editing, but failed miserably.

Change #13-13:28

Description: The sound waves are apparently achieved via a double-exposure effect, but in the original take, the background and cels of Prime were misaligned, apparently in the partial exposure with the waves. This glaringly obvious goof should never have reached DVD.

Change #14-14:51

Description: Now here's an odd one. Wheeljack's lights flash in the original, during the angry crowd noise, but it was changed for the final episode to not flash.

Change #15-15:40

Description: Another sloppy digital edit.

Change #16-15:56

Change #17-20:06

Description: The exact opposite of #14.

Change #18-20:46

Description: Not only are effects missing on the DVD version, the animation that's there seems to be out of alignment.

Change #19-21:54

Description: Almost fittingly, the last shot of the episode, and the season, is a re-take. Besides the different placement of the lava (someone at Sunbow cares about the health of Megatron's optics), the lava in the aired version flows downwards.

Disc Notes: What a mess. Even after two passes by Shout! Factory, the episodes on this disc (save for "Countdown to Extinction") are loaded with issues. Three episodes are almost right, though, and a fourth is made messier on the merits of one series of related re-takes. Still, you've got a huge stack of VHS tapes going that you need to preserve, and we have 82 episodes left to check (albeit with four sourced from the broadcast masters).

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