The Transformers

.....No show has had quite so dicey a history on home video as The Transformers. From the sloppy commercial edits of the FHE era to the textless episodes of the '90s to the remastering debacle of the Rhino and Shout! Factory sets, the series has had more issues big and small on video than is fathomable at times. Adding to this are the sheer number of re-takes made for the series, as well as the staggering number of changes to the syndication package over the years. Perhaps most fatal of all has been the many changes of ownership to Sunbow, and after the company had been dissolved, its library. Now, with the masters quickly deteriorating from a quarter century of abuse, the time has come for the problems with the most recent DVD release of the series to be laid bare.

Season 1, Disc 1
Season 1, Disc 2
Season 2
Season 3/"The Rebirth"

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