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.....One of the great joys of the home video era has been the ability to watch any programming you want when you feel like it. One of the great curses of the home video era has been the many alterations to our favorite films and TV shows. Be it the long-running debacle with pan-and-scan versions of widescreen films, music replacement, or even the crass censorship and alterations to existing films, home video has long driven the discerning viewer crazy. While the CRW can't help you with live-action material, it can help you if you really want Starscream to be the right color in each shot, or to find out if that too-good-to-be-true collection of rare cartoons is really worth purchasing. Granted, this project is immense, so this is one place where your humble webmaster will need some help. If you've got access to the unaltered and the changed versions of a cartoon, and can make screen grabs of each (as 640-by-480 JPEGs, preferably), you can help! Just e-mail me with the screen grabs and a good description (if necessary) of the change, what video has the change, and where the original can be acquired (legally-the CRW will never link to bootlegging services).

The Current Patron Saint of Video Variations
The Transformers

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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

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